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Isle of Wight Tourette Syndrome Support Group

Tourette’s syndrome is an inherited (genetic) neurological condition which affects the brain and nervous system, TS is characterised by a combination of involuntary noises and movements called tics.

TS usually starts during childhood around the age of seven and continues into adulthood. TS often has co-morbities such as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Tourette’s syndrome is named after the French doctor, Georges Gilles de la Tourette, who first described the syndrome and its symptoms in the 19th century.

What are Tics?

Tics can be:

  • vocal (sounds) – such as grunting, coughing or shouting out words
  • Motor (movements) – such as jerking of the head or jumping up and down, arms, shoulders etc

They can also be:

  • simple – making a small movement or uttering a single sound
  • complex – making a series of physical movements or speaking a long phrase

Most people diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome have a combination of physical and vocal tics, which can be both simple and complex.

The tics don't usually pose a serious threat to a person's overall health, although physical tics, such as jerking of the head, can often be painful as they cause wear and tear on the joints. many people with TS say that their tics cause them physical pain.

Both children and adults with Tourette’s syndrome may experience associated problems, such as social isolation, embarrassment and low self-esteem. The best way to deal with this is to educate society as much as possible.

If you or someone you know are effected by Tourettes Syndrome and would like to join our support group please contact me via the Contact Form, Or contact Tourettes Action UK for details.  

Help Desk: 0300 777 8427

Arrange a Tourette Syndrome presentation for your Educational / Workplace setting.

Tourettes Workshop at an Island Academy.

Areas covered include:

What is TS

TS in daily life

TS in an educational setting

Staff were encouraged to step into the shoes of those with TS by "experiencing" tics.  

Question Time. 

Activity day at Kingswood College with the Isle of Wight TS group. 

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