Blue Harbour Wellness Clinic 

    Well-Being for your Whole-Being.

Wellness Coaching

.60 minutes £30
90 minutes £35
120 minutes £55

What is Wellness Coaching?

Just what it sounds like – a form of therapy that aims to enable well being for your whole being!.

The main idea behind wellness coaching is that you are unique, and what would work perfectly for you is not necessarily what would work for other people.

We will work together to create a program that suits your personal needs and issues.

Wellness coaching is becoming one of the most common types of therapy.

I have undertaken several forms of training and blend them together to produce positive results for my clients.

What is the aim of Wellness Coaching?

The aim of Wellness Coaching is to help you explore what is causing you problems in life and to create a bespoke program to help you begin to approach life in a more open and productive way.

But it is also about helping you function at your best levels in all areas of your life – mental, emotional, and physical.

Wellness Coaching is about integrating yourself, and all of the various parts of your personality and being, into a balanced and effective whole.

We will bring together different approaches to help you achieve and maintain wellness by pulling together the different components that make up your psychological and physical wellbeing.

We will look at ways to access and unite not just your behaviour, thoughts, and emotions, but also your physical wellbeing, social skills, and your sense of spirituality.

What are the benefits of integrative therapy?

You might find integrative therapy beneficial in the following ways:

  • you will understand more clearly what causes you to feel challenged in life
  • you will learn to recognise what triggers you into unhelpful behaviours and be supported in trying new, more productive ones
  • you can recognise limitations you’ve set on yourself and find ways to move beyond them
  • you can integrate all the different aspects of yourself (mind, body, emotions, social skills, spirituality)
  • you can set goals that lead you toward the life you feel happy about
  • you can begin to face your life in a more open, available, and less judgemental way